Sunday, February 21, 2016

Live Love Laugh Learn

      When it just hurts so good to be alive! Nothing and no one can get me down, no matter what I've been through. I'm so blessed to be at this point in my life! Just a little more than a year of officially managing my depression, never letting it keep me from loving  my life!

      My wonderful friend died recently, a few days before thanksgiving. He was so full of life, always had a smile on his face. Even through this tragedy I felt I was able to trudge through, and felt I had learned a lot about his life and from his death, could apply it to my life for better quality of life. I might talk about him again later.

      I've been through horrible situations, so it's wonderful to be at a point in life where you can just make thes best of the worst situations. Just let yourself feel everything you need to the first few days, grieve it out, then look at the situation ligically. What can you take for this? This is always a greener side, a pro you can gain. Even a way out if you need.

      A thought inside Nicky's mind.

      Have a good night guys, take care of yourselves.

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