Monday, October 26, 2009

What the soul is really made of....

The power of music. Its extraordinary. Whether you are dancing, singing, playing a instrument, or even just listening to music, its electrifying. It runs through every bit of your body, fills you with energy, and a unexplainable joy. You just want to rejoice. I have experienced all these things, so I truly have felt the joy of music before.

I once played the violin, and with each stroke I felt powerful, and the vibrations and beautiful sound ran through my body, caressing it. I'm no good at playing instruments, but every now and then I'll fiddle with a piano or a guitar, or more recently a Cello and Base string instrument, and I may not know how to play properly, but I can still feel the energy and power go through me reminding me one of the reasons I have never chosen to end my life during rougher patches I have gone through but come close to doing so. My passion for music. If I die there is no more music.

I sing everyday. In choir at school, and the moment I'm alone at home. It's amazing. It wells up inside me and I have to release it all. As I sing my heart swells up, content at the moment with life. And its even more truly amazing singing with lyrics you can relate to, or better yet, lyrics you have written. And when you are heartbroken there is no better temporary medicine then singing about your pain with lyrics you have written yourself.

Listening to music, we've all discovered this wonderful feeling. That is why everyone walks around with earbuds in their ears. It flows through your ears down your body like warm water. If listening to music is so wonderful imagine the amazing feeling when dancing. The music is loud, and you can feel every beat pump though your body. You just let go of yourself, of your will and go with the music. It's like you are one with it. It's apart of you. You can't deny apart of yourself. You can't deny music. The passion. It calls you.

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