Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It always attracts exactly what it is...

Energy is a very complex and fragile thing. You have to be careful with how you use it, which appears to be very nerve racking because everything in existance is energy. You are energy. Your soul is energy. The air you breath is energy. The bed you sleep in is oozing with all the postive and negative energy of your dreams and thoughts. EVERYTHING is energy. and I say its fragile because the type of energy that is there, will attract MORE of that energy. That is why, and I cannot stress this enough, you MUST be careful of the thoughts you think. Ever notice that when you are having a bad day, something gets you all flustered and you focus on it, and MORE and MORE bad stuff keeps happening, like a chain. That is because it IS a chain, a chain reaction. You may not realize it, but when you are focusing on that bad thing that happened, you are focusing on negative energy, which is causing more bad things to happen to you. It is the way of the universe. You are thus attracting negative energy which is causing things to fall less in your favor. That is why when something gets you upset, try to go do something that makes you feel better, like listen to a song that fills you with energy and puts a smile on your face. What I personally do is go watch Spongebob or Family Guy. For those of you that practice energy rituals, try inscribing and moving your energy into a black candle to repel the negative energy you wish to get rid of, or for peace doing the same thing with a blue candle, except for inscribe the inner peace you wish for, not what you wish to repel. I hope you all have a lovely day and the minutes pass by with a smile on your face <3

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